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This section is in the early stages of development. It comprises:-

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  • An Index table which will cross-reference various information.
  • Photographs of puzzles in the Hordern-Dalgety and other collections.
  • A selection of Jaques advertisements.


Many of Jaques puzzles are described in Professor Hoffmann's "Puzzles Old and New" and are illustrated in the centenary edition which is still available from the Puzzle Museum website. This is still the standard original resource for researchers and collectors of 19th century puzzles. It also includes the solutions to the puzzles.


Jaques' Puzzles were often sold in boxes of 6 or 10 puzzles. Boxes made of mahogany are the most common survivors.

At least four sets of puzzles are known Series O, 1, 2, and Series 3. We have not seen a complete instruction sheet for Series 2 so please let us know if you have one.

Puzzles have often become separated form their boxes and instructions and it is often a matter of guesswork as to who was the manufacturer.


It should be remembered that in the 19th century there were very many manufacturers and wood-turners. The Jaques Pattern book will be of great help in identifying their products but often it is a matter of speculation.

The compendium opposite, being made of cardboard is a rare survivor compared to the mahogany boxes.

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