John Jaques & Son was founded in 1795. Seven generations of the family have kept the company making games both indoor and outdoor to the present day. These pages are a venture in which we will attempt to provide some definitive information on the earlier products of the company.

Most remarkably John Jaques II invented Happy Families, Tiddley-Winks, Ludo, and Snakes and Ladders. The company's stand at the Great Exhibition in 1851 included Croquet, which then spread throughout to world. The Staunton Chess set, was introduced by Jaques in 1849, and since 1934 has been adopted as the world standard pattern. They introduced Table Tennis to the world in 1891 under the name Gossima; renamed Ping-Pong it swept the country in 1902.


John Jaques Games
John Jaques Magic and Conjuring


The company factory and office were destroyed by bombing in the Second World War; however the charred remains of the pattern book were rescued from under the rubble. This book has revealed the extraordinary breadth of the company's production from the late 18th century and throughout the 19th Century.

A more detailed Company History can be found on their website.



John Jaques Magic Wood and Ivory were the main, but by no means only, materials used. Products included Games, Puzzles, Cards, Conjuring apparatus, Combs, Candlesticks, Pens, and Treen items of all sorts.
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