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Here are some links to unannotated galleries of photographs of a few different groups of puzzles




Some groups of photographs below are large so please give them time to load.
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JOLLY JUGS that can pour from the base on demand


Gallery of Jolly Jugs


More about Jolly Jugs


CHAD VALLEY known mostly for Jigsaws and other toys. They also made some excellent mechanical puzzles mostly while the company was under the chairmanship of Major R.R.B.Whitehouse

Gallery of Puzzles other than jigsaws made by Chad Valley Ltd.


Gallery of puzzles designed by Bill Cutler


Gallery of Puzzles made by Phillipe Dubois (Gaby Games)

SORRENTO BOXES made in the form of a stack of books.

Gallery of Puzzle Boxes.

For more about Sorrento Puzzle Boxes


THE CHILDREN'S ENCYCLOPEDIA. First published in 1908 by Arthur Mee

Gallery of some of the puzzles etcetera given away with copies of The Children's Encyclopedia

See here for more information WONDER BOX





BELOW are some Galleries of "French Boxed Puzzles". So called because many are highly collected just for the graphic images on the lids. They were mostly sold between 1880 and 1914.


Tanglement puzzles sold under the name Jeux et Jouets Français (JFJ)
Dexterity puzzles sold under the name Jeux et Jouets Français (JFJ)
Other Assorted puzzles sold under the name Jeux et Jouets Français (JFJ)
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