We are in the process of preparing a new book on
R.Journet Dexterity & Other puzzles.

New RJ Book

The past 25 years have seen the collection grow to over 400 Journet puzzles. Many more RJ puzzles have been found in recent years and much information discovered since the original 1989 monograph.

All this will be included in the new book which it is hoped will be published in 2018. The new book will include photographs of all the known Journet puzzles and many variants. Details of the elusive German versions, pictures of the rarest puzzles like Balky Basketball, The Fish, and much much more.
Please watch this page for news.


May 2018. We are currently busy working our way through hundreds of puzzles plus orginal ledger, artwork, correspondence, and newly discovered advertising puzzles. German versions and Japanese copies. Advertising material and original catalogues.

Meanwhile, to support this website, we are selling a downloadable PDF file of the original 1988/9 monograph:
"R.Journet & Company. A brief history of the Company & its Puzzles"
by James Dalgety.

This consists of 18 pages of all that was known at the time with extracts from catalogues, collectors lists, etcetera. This is a fraction of what will be in the new book but still a very useful stop-gap for the impatient collector: -

£9.00 buys a link to where you can download the full size PDF.