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Unless otherwise stated all the Text, Photographs, Movies, Sound Recordings & Images on this site are the Copyright of The Puzzle Museum Limited, James Dalgety, TechniQuest, or Aenigma Designs.

All rights in the actual Puzzles remain the intellectual property of their inventors even if they are not specifically mentioned by name on this site.

All puzzles and/or designs less than 70 years old are likely to be protected by international law.

Please contact us if you become aware of any errors in acknowledging copyright and we will try to rectify them as soon as possible.



As a Virtual Museum covering the broad history of puzzles many Registered Trademarks are used. Some examples of such owners and registered trademarks are:-

It is not generally the Puzzle Museum's policy to acknowledge owners of Trademarks unless specifically requested to do so by the owners. Any such Trademark owners who are unhappy about this policy are requested to email us when we will immediately either acknowledge their trademark on this page or delete all references to it from this site.


Use of Images from this Website

Please contact us if you wish to use material from this website.

We usually allow free use of smaller images in academic papers and on websites on condition that each image is accompanied by a copyright statement similar to "Copyright (c)2018 The Puzzle Museum/JCD.". We also require that each image when used on the web has a link taking the user to the original page on this Puzzle Museum website.

Larger images are available on request and, depending on use, maybe subject to fees. Some books that have used our images.

Other Files.

There are a number of files cross referenced in the Puzzle Catalogue section which are not the work of the Puzzle Museum. Most have been sourced from the internet and include the links and attribution of the authors. If you notice any errors amongst these please let us know so that we can correct them.

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