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Who made this ROUND BAGATELLE?

70 cm in diameter, it is great fun but has had bits repainted. Have you got one with a makers name on it?

Answer in 2020:-

Seen on Ebay one with label "CONEY Prov.Pat. 8412/32"



A Puzzle Cigarette Box with a Coin inset into the lid.

We think it maybe World War One trench art but are not yet certain.

Can you identify and date the coin which has a diameter of 37mm?

Dic Sonneveld has identified it as possibly being a Turkish Kuru coin from the late 19th Century. Further searching indicates that it is a silver Turkish 20 Kurush coin from year 9 of the Abdul Halid II Sultanate. AH1293 +9 (CE 1876+9=1885) Constantinople.

Inside the box there were the press cuttings (oposite) from which the engraving on the box was copied. Click the photos to enlarge.

With amazing skill Dic Sonneveld was able to locate the actual papers that the cuttings came from!

The piece of paper on the left is from “La vie Parisienne” of 29 décembre 1917. He also found a similar advertisement to the advertisement on the right in the Times of Thursday, Apr 18, 1918; Issue 41767.

This all seems to indicate that our assumption that it may have been World War One trench art seems quite right.





P891 Manifold Puzzle



What appears to be silk ribbons have perished and vanished in the last 100-150 years or so.

To restore the puzzle, we need to find patent No.2118.

We have searched 1890 onwards but have not been able to find the patent.

A.D. was extremely clever and after much research discovered the actual patent - More will be revealed in a future "Puzzle of the Month"




Who made this wonderful acrylic puzzle?


Made by Alain Zalmanski,
Where: France.
When: about 1980.
What: PMMA (Plexiglass)




An old print - Possibly a Victorian book illustration.

SOLVED - Dic S. discovered this in Punch magazine and we also found it in Strand Magazine.

The caption was absent!


Again Dic S. solved this. It is an early gaming chip from Monte Carlo. 32mm diameter with silver filigree.

Sadly, we are unlikely to discover the romantic history of this particular chip.


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