Possibly dating from around 1900. We do not know who invented this intriguing puzzle or who manufactured it.

It poses some interesting challenges.


The "Disko Puzzle" was acquired from the John Ergatoudis Collection; but unfortunately it was missing 3 of the 21 discs that it should have contained. We posed a challenge to attendees at IPP31 in August 2011. Nobody has provided a satisfactory solution it so we have decided to open the competition to everyone.

Your challenge is to discover the size of the missing discs and the number that should be printed on each, and send us a solution to the puzzle.

There may be several solutions, in which case we will take the number and elegance of solutions into account when selecting the winner.

Cheating is permitted; so if you can find another example of this puzzle you will be half-way to the answer.

The prize will be an antique "Ne Plus Ultra" Vesta Puzzle with the " 1/6 ME A DOG " puzzle similar to one of those shown on this link.

By the way, the "1/6 me a dog" puzzle still remains unsolved so there is another prize for solving that.

Now in 2015 we are able to update this page.
Nobody has won the prize we were offering; however we have found the patent.

The puzzle's lid has the light monogram ATH confirming the UK patent of Arthur Trevor Houghton
Patent No. 20,042 in 1909.

The patent illustrates a 21 piece puzzle but this does not quite correspond with the puzzle. Thus it may be impossible to identify the digits and size of the missing discs without finding another example of the puzzle.


Download and print this image of the puzzle pieces and start your metagrobologisations.