Cofanetto by Miguel Berrocal



This is the silver-plated version of this wonderful and crazy sculpture. This photo shows all the parts which can be assembled into a magnificent place setting for two.1975, Opus 138, 88 Parts.



This shows the puzzle solved. All the handles of the cutlery plus the "hotplate", the two ash trays, two knife rests, two finger rings, the goblet stems, and candlestick pillars assemble with much puzzling to make the completed and highly decorative casket, which then contains the rest of the parts.


Complete with original instruction book which is a great help if you are in a hurry to reassemble it all!.



The condition is not absolutely perfect as there are signs of slight corrosion on on a few parts. The worst affected part is the lid shown here.

Cofanetto was designed with an extra piece to hold Romeo & Juliet on top. This would be the perfect way to disguise the marks. However, as can be seen from the photos, under most lighting conditions the problem is not a very serious and this is a good opportunity to acquire this magnificent and decorative puzzle.