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A wonderful example of 19th Century wood turning with rare Tunbridgeware inlay to the outer lid. Late 19th Century. Three Ali Baba style nested pots - seems impossible until you realise that not only the lids come off, but the pot bodies are in two parts as well.

TREE-001 £275

The perfect present for someone in IT or Communications.

This French Plate commemorates Claude Chappe 1763-1892 who first demonstrated a practical semaphore system that eventually spanned all of France. The worlds first telecommunications system!

see Wikipedia

CHAP-PE £110

An historic aluminium THAUMATROPE key chain fob.

Dating from when aluminium was considered suitable for jewellery. Judging from the bathing costumes around 1910.

Spin the disc and guess what the couple get up to!

Thaum £45

Rare 19th century Postcard or Photograph viewer.

This type of viewer provides a pseudo 3D effect due to the, then little understood, effect that looking at parts of the image near the edge of the viewer the eyes had to physically squint very slightly compared to when viewing the centre. The sensation caused by this gave the physical illusion of seeing in 3D. This is completely different from true stereo vision and is a phenomena which has been forgotten during this past century.


Japanese Lady & Gentleman in flagrante delicto. Very nice faux ivory carving actually resin. Modesty forbids that we show you the photo you want.

ZED-230 sold

HAMMOND ELECTIC BRIDGE TABLE. The advertisement in a 1932 issue of Bridge World says "It astonishes. It mystifies. It flabbergasts. Tournament-scarred veterans pale, strong men faint, when first they behold what modern science has brought to Bridge--Hammond's new Electric Bridge Table, which shuffles and deals cards without benefit of human hands..."

A piece on the web about it. and another on Wikipedia

And a movie on Youtube

This one is in working order with the original 110volt motor and wiring to which I have added a 240 volt transformer so that it can be demonstrated from a standard UK socket. Buyer must ascertain that it conforms to UK electric regulations.


Extremely rare18th century treen Fisherman's Companion. Casts can be wound around the outside winders, the central column unscrews into 4 parts: weight boxes and thread spool. See Edward Pinto's book on Treen page 267 and plate 286 for an example.
TREE-003 sold

About 40 Realistic Travels Stereoviews of World War One.

WW1 Stereo


Great for dominoe puzzles. Antique set of 55 Double-Nines Dominoes in Bone & Wood with Brass studs. Box is wood but not original.



A wonderful piece of wood turning. The outer box is only 47mm tall by 38mm diameter, sadly its bottom ring of paint is chipped (see photos); this could be restored as the wood is not damaged. Otherwise, this is a complete set. The smallest box is about 4mm diameter by 1.25mm high.

Do not even breathe heavily when opening this set!

TREE-004 sold