Chapman's Matchboxes collected in the 1950s

Charles Chapman 1904 -1985. His Father, a commercial traveller, started him collecting in the 1920s. He was a member of the Magic Circle - stage name "Mystique". He became disabled in 1933 when he fell off the stage. JD bought the collection in 1994 and has added the few more items since but now wants to sell the whole collectionof over 170 matchboxes. A list is compiled from Chapman's lists with the value as estimated in 1995 is available.

Having been confined to a wheelchair after his accident, Chapman devised an entire show based around these matchboxes. This collection is a truly wonderful resource for any Magic or Trick Designers as well as huge fun to browse through with friends.

chap1 chap10 chap2 chap3 chap4 chap6 chap7
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chap8 chap9
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