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  30 Nov 2017        
1c Hoffmann, Professor (ed Edw.Hordern)

Puzzles Old & New


L.E. Hordern (editor) 1993 new d/w cl Centenary Edition with colour photographs. 256 pages of puzzles and solutions.

Only a handful left of this limited private publication.


    We do not really need so many copies of the original 1893 Edition; so, at the right price, we would be willing to part with a couple that are illustrated on the above linked page. offers in excess of £300
4046-e - After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with Your Seal Brand Coffee Compliments of Chase & Sandborn. Seal Brand Coffee nd. vg. ill card 3 1/2inx5in.  6 Pages plus cover
    PASSE-TEMPS Mathematique or Recreation A      
4047 - After Dinner Tricks and Puzzles with Your Seal Brand Coffee Compliments of Chase & Sandborn nd. vg. ill card 3 1/2inx5in.  6 Pages plus cover
4066-e - Bile Beans Puzzle Book   g ill card 6 1/2inx6in,  Advertising booklet
4077-e - Bushwacky Fairy Tale Books Ltd 2005 m ill card. Rotating vanish. Make cowboy bush disappear! (like Loyd's vanishing Chinaman 10x8 ins.. Find the disappearing George W Bush  
4067-e - Children's Story Book Northwestern Yeast Company 1926 fair ill card 5inx8in, advertising booklet, cover separated and in half along the spine. 12 one-page stories each opposite a full page colourful devinette
4082-d - Motograph Moving Picture Book, The Bliss, Sands & Co., London 1898 Good.  Pictorial board somewhat rubbed.  First Edition. Quarto. Rebound and repaired. with 13 plates and a good new replacement moire viewer.  Nice copy of the original edition.

4044-e - New Book of 200 Puzzles, No1 Wehman Bros, New York 1908 Poor. ill card 4inx5in, cover ok, contents .crumbly at hinge edge, but all contents readable.
4043-e - New Book of Puzzles No.28 I&M Ottenheimer, Baltimore 1914 fair ill card, pbk slight damage 4inx5in 58+4pp
4072-e - Parlour Magic – Simple Tricks and Puzzles for Little Folk  nd. Poor. ill card 4 1/2inx5 1/2in booklet,  cover nearly off, contents ok
4045-e - Parlour Magic, Simple Tricks and Puzzles for Little Folk Advertising for Colman's Mustard nd. Poor. ill card 4 1/2inx51/2in,  Front cover has come away at staple , 8 pages plus back cover ok.
4070-e - Puzzle Pictures for Boys and Girls – Circus Animals Sterling Products  g ill card 4inx6in, advertising booklet for California Syrup of Figs
4068-e - Puzzler, The C Penny & Sons c.1840 vg,  original grey paper cover 3 1/2inx5 1/2in.Charades, enigmas, anagrams etc
4047-e - Puzzles and Games for all Occasions (Tit-Bits Handy Books) George Newnes nd. vg,  paper cover 96pp .
4059-e - Souvenir of the West Cornwall Museum of Mechanical Music Beric Tempest & Co 1974 g ill card “The Authentic Sounds of an Inventive Age”
5003 Berrocal Berrocal Casa Fuerte Bezmiliana De Agosto 2008 new pb Catalogue
4023-d Bird, Maria Nursery Rhymes for Bill & Ben, The Flowerpot Men Publicity Products Ltd, London 195(3) g ill hardback 1955. 1st edition. Square 12mo. (16)pp. Red laminated paper covered boards, red & black lettering + Man made of flowerpots kneeling down holding paint pot for lady made of flowerpots + small window on front with moire screen and rotating moire pattern whe
5004 Hart,J.T  Hieroglyphical Signatures F G & Co   new Ribbon Tied Portfolio 6 plates 3 x colour 3 x b/w plus solution card. a reproduction of a mid 19th Century rebus series created by J.T. Hart
4086-d Soulby, W.H. The Surprise Art Album.A New Book containing over one hundred amusing and interesting picture puns. Second Edition. Cartwright & Rattray Ltd, Manchester nd. c1895 contents are as follows - 1.Illustrated titlepage as above. 2.A page of illustrated puns titled 'Ten Points in a Good Wife'. 3. 22 pages printed in gold and dark blue, each page with either 4 or 6 flaps, numbered 1 to 110, each with a brief text and a quo Pictorial heavy boards somewhat scruffy. Spine damaged. Contents very good and clean considering their heavy nature. 
30a  Tissandier, Gaston Popular Scientific Recreations Ward, Lock & Co. London nd. vg. cl.pict. Marb Beautiful leather binding. Lotheram Grammar School prize. 


0 Various About 10 volumes of Boy's Annuals from the 1860 and 1870s email for details 1860-1880 various various half calf and pictorial cloth greta mixture including puzzles, stories etc. 50


  Various STRAND MAGAZINE     38 Volumes.(26 in publishers cloth,12 in half calf and other bindings.)
Includes the earilest Sherlock Holmes stories etcetera
Offers invited. email for details.