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                  TOROIDAL PUZZLE JUG.

Made in Staffordshire c.1790-1830. Fantastic toroidal or donut shaped puzzle jug. Hand decorated with yellow and pink sun, flowers, beige and green. The handle and one spot have been restored so it is probably advisable not to use it as a puzzle, just as a stunning decorative piece. 26 cm tall. Inscribed with "Samuel Clifford". G701

JUG-380 £190


The Aenigma Puzzle Jug.

Very rare. Very few of these were made in 1988. This one has a fault in the traditional way of solving it; however we have found an alternative solution!

Fine ornamental puzzlers piece decorated with upside down images, word square, magic square, jigsaw piece, 6-piece burr, Drink without spilling, Solve the word puzzle, Find Eight Faces, Find the hidden Key, Find the deliberate mistake!

Very ornamental and lots of puzzling. Supplied with a photocopy of the original leaflet detailing the puzzles.

JUG-307 £160


Small tapered single handle mug.
The smallest working puzzle jug at only 35 mm. high

Scarborough Crest

JUGC-001 £48

Watering Can (1909 patent No.2006)

London crest

JUGC-002 sold

Watering Can (1909 patent No.2006)

Hove Crest

JUGC-003 £48




Bristol Cider Cup (4 handles)

Crests: William the Conqueror, King Harold, Portsmouth, and COM:Southton(Hampshire).

JUGC-009 sold



Small tapered single handle mug.
The smallest working puzzle jug at only 35 mm. high

crest LONDON

JUGC-023 sold

Small tapered single handle mug.
The smallest working puzzle jug at only 35 mm. high

crest LONDON

JUGC-024 £45

Spouted and galleried teapot. (1909 patent No.2006)


JUGC-025 sold

Lipped Coffee Pot (1909 patent No.2006)


JUGC-026 sold

Tapered Tumbler (1909 patent No.2006)


JUGC-028 sold

Faux Puzzle 1.
Made to look exactly like a puzzle jug, but it is non-functioning.


JUGC-029 £25

Faux Puzzle 2.
Made to look exactly like a puzzle jug, but it is non-functioning.


JUGC-030 £20
Long spout Coffee Pot
(Gemma (1909 patent No.2006)
JUG- C033 sold
Scarce "squashed" teapot (Gemma(1909 patent No.2006)
JUG-C034 £65 gone

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Historic JOLLY JUG.

Pours from base on demand. Made by Elsmore and Forster c.1860s. With transfers of a Tiger and the famous Clown, Joseph Grimaldi who was often depicted by Elsmore and Forster on these joke jugs.

What makes this such an exceptional rarity is the transfer in reverse of "The Friendly Sawyers Society".

This appears to be an early Staffordshire "Trade Union". It shows all the tools of the Sawyer and Woodworker: - Saw pit, Timber stack, Saws, Set Square, Folding Rule, etcetera. The spout has a nasty crack which has presumably been glued back and it is stained under the craquelure likely after sitting on a cottage mantle piece over the fire for many years. Both defects could easily be rectified by a competent restorer; however we have had this jug for nearly 40 years always considered its defects to be part of its history and charm as it is fully functional as is.

We have failed to discover anything about "The Friendly Sawyers Society". A great research project for someone. Perfect gift for a Woodworker or Social Historian.

N857-dup of N858

JUG-335 £369
Small miniature vase by Locke & Co. Worcester porcelain with the name of the town Blackpool cleverly hidden as fern decoration
JUG-036 £60


About EIGHTY Jugs from an excellent selection of different MAKERS and a wide range of civic coats of arms & crests.



£8 each or £300 for all !






Collection 6 SIX PUZZLE TANKARDS: Cambridge, Blackpool, Isle of Man, Bournemouth, Harrogate, and Leeds. Isle of Man has a crack on back remaining five perfect.



Very curious Decanter with ground glass stopper. The sides have been pinched in in 5 places leaving 5 connections between top and bottom. It has also been bent. The result is an amusing looking decanter which glugs when it pours. Liquor has been left in it too long and the inside of the base need a good cleaning.

JUG-231 sold

Beautiful miniature jug by Locke & Co. Worcester with the name of the town Eastbourne cleverly hidden as fern decoration

JUGC-032 sold

Coffee Pot with spout (1909 patent No.2006)

London Crest

JUGC-004 gone



Royles silver-plated Patent Self-Pouring Teapot. c.1885. Made by silversmiths James Dicksons and Sons Ltd of Sheffield England. One side has ben pieced and repaired but it is otherwise in working order and a nice compact example very suitable for demonstarting this ingenious design/mechanism.
N854 sold

Collectors of strange vessels should have one of these.

A Blanc de chine model of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy) dripping water into the dragon's mouth.

Originally intended to be filled with perfumed wter. Turn the figure over and the vase she is holding drips for a long time into the Dragon's mouth.

JUG-101 sold
Teapot with Lid (patent 2006)
JUGC-006 sold

Big Tankard 68mm

Blackpool crest



Small Tankard. St Leonard's Crest.
JUGC-015 sold
Globular Jug. Works in fully conventional way.
JUGC-016 sold
Small Tankard.
Transfer of Girl
JUGC-017 sold

Round Pot with lip (patent 2006)

London crest

JUGC-020 sold

Three handled tankard (patent 2006)

Transfer of Girl

JUGC-021 sold
Teapot with Gallery (patent 2006)
JUGC-022 sold




The rarest crested puzzle teapot. 65mm high and 100mm from spout to handle it is one of the largest of the Gemma patent 2006 puzzles.

JUG-035 sold
Standard Jug with Lucky Heather
JUGC-012 sold

Standard Puzzle Jug but with lovely lustre glaze and Lucky Heather


JUGC-031 £25

A small pretty continental puzzle jug

JUG-201 sold

Chinese peach shaped stoneware Lidless Wine pot. Works like the Cadogan teapots. Spout has possibly been reground.


Fine traditional sprigged Puzzle Jug probably Chesterfield c.1880-1900. Inscribed "Louisa Matilda Walmsley". Unusal neck pieced with suits of playing cards.
JUG-P491 sold