Round Stone News 2006

As there were no entries in 2005, we are now seriously thinking of adding prizes for non-round stones. Some examples of oddities are shown below.





Bell Stone

kindly donated a Japanese friend, this
Suzuishi from Iriomote is hollow and rattles when shaken.

Stones with Liquid Inclusions

Sold by clever orientals these quartz tortoises are hollow and partly filled with liquid which can be seen moving when the carving is held up to the light. I suspect the liquid has been introduced artificially.


Neolithic Polyhedral Stones

Made by Pictish (?) Mathematicians in the highlands of Scotland thousands of years ago and certainly before the Greeks thought about polyhedra.

This is a bronze replica of an ancient tetrahedral stone dug up in Inverness-shire. Kindly donated by John Robinson

George Hart has commented on them
and further references can be found at

Curious Looking Stones

Many thanks to Doug Pederson in Canada for filming these AMAZING BIG ROUND STONES.

Click on this to see a

Big Round Stone !

Wait for the video to load into a new window and when you have finished watching it try this link for an.

Even bigger Round Stone !


After you have watched the videos, then PLEASE email me and tell me: -

Who made them?
What for?
and How?


May 2006.
Just spotted !
hikaru dorodango

July 2006.

The Cover Picture of the Geographical Magazine shows how worldwide interest in round stones is growing.

These Boulders at Moeraki measure up to 3 metres in diameter. Revealed as the mudstone cliffs at Oamaru erode.

Some more
Cerro Piedras Bola Mexico

Unlike all the above round stones, which are natural, these balls in Costa Rica are man-made. We mention them only because much nonsense has be expressed about them.

One of our team of lithoid globe hunters has returned with this photo. Details are expected by snail mail any day.
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