Michelin & Bibendum

Michelin adopted the Bibendum figure in the late 19th Century with the slogan "Nunc est Bibendum". Over the years they have produced an enormous variety of promotional items but, in our prejudiced opinion, none such fun as their puzzles.


A Band of Lute & Pipe Players welcomes the parade of Automobiles
(all are individual puzzles).


A Driver and a Lute Player


A vintage car awaits assembly.

Welcoming home the motor-cyclists. 





For more information on Bibendum, we recommend "The Michelin Man's First Hundred Years" by Olivier Darman. 1997 ISBN 2-84230-048-3

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The Michelin Company has featured before in our Puzzles of the Month. They were one of the late Edward Hordern's favourite group of modern puzzles.
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