This magnificent paperweight puzzle was in made of 3/16th inch stainless steel rods by Pentangle in 1972 when it won a London Design Centre Award. It is a development of many simpler versions.

Indian Cane Puzzle 1850s

Indian Double Cane Puzzle 1950s

Jaques Canoe Puzzle 1890s

Some 19th Century Examples
Fifty years ago, our venerable senior metagrobologist designed many variants. Putting a kink in the centre rod, turning the kink 90 degrees, substituting a solid "pear shaped ring", doubling the loops, etcetera. Many were sold briefly by Pentangle and the last one was developed by Ron Cook into the finest version ever marketed.

Very cunningly the cord was tied with a Double Matthew Walker Knot. Most cheats did not notice this and their crime would be revealed when they restored it with a simple thumb knot.


The original 1970s Box

The final 21st Century box


At the same time in the 1970s James Dalgety tried to develop a good design from a single piece of wire or rod. These are some of the resulting ideas that culminated in the Double Treble Clef Puzzle at the lower right. This also won a London Design Centre Award. Both the Gordian Knot and Double Treble Clef have since been endlessly copied, usually without any credit.


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