The Mysterieuse Pocket Watch.


A favourite with Magicians this "Paradoxical Object" was made by A.S. & F. (Swiss watch makers Armand Schwob & Frère) around 1890.

The hands appear to be suspended in mid-air on their own and yet "impossibly" they tell the correct time.

A similar mystery watch was patented in the USA by Hugues Rime of Paris.

See Wikipedia entry on Mystery Watches




This 1958 clockwork pocket watch of "Snoopy playing tennis" uses the same principal for the seconds hand.

The tennis racket is the hour hand, Snoopy's non-racket hand is the minute hand, and the tennis ball is the seconds hand and appears to go around without any connection to the mechanics. The Mysterieuse Pocket Watch above appears not to have any hands connected to a mechanism.

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