A Disk-Burr Puzzle

This advertisement for the Bon Ton Laundry in Brockley is the earliest example of this kind of puzzle in our collection, probably dating from the late 19th Century.

The objective is to construct a "cubic box" with the 6 disks. This version requires some considerable dexterity to get it to clip together.

Remarkably the disks have survived in their original pill-style box; but, sadly, the label is so worn that we can only read the words "Puzzle" and "Do It".

We hope a modern inhabitant of Brockley can tell us when the Laundry was in business. Maybe someone has a label in good condition and can send us a photo.


This version from the 1940s is easier to solve as there is an "trough" around the circumference which makes it easier to hold the disks in place.


Much amusement may be had searching one's house for suitable packaging to recycle into "Disk Burr Puzzles". Examples above have been made from the cut-out bases of aluminum drinks cans and from complete plastic yogurt pots.