This small puzzle (55mm square) is made of pressed and painted tin with a glass top. It has a convoluted series of paths through which the two lead balls must be moved in a particular order.

Not only does this require Dexterity but it is also an example of a Hamiltonian Path problem plus it is of Historical interest.


The instructions which accompany the puzzle:-

The Crippen Chase Puzzle .


What you have to do, First, manage to get one ball "which represents the Detective," into the centre of Scotland Yard, and from there you start to work the ball slowly and deliberately through all the routes, "but must not go through any of them twice," till eventually you get the ball into the centre of Father Point, and try to keep it there.

Then with the other ball, "this time you start from anywhere you like, but not from Scotland Yard," you gradually drive it through all the routes not going through any of them twice, till you get that also into Father Point.

Having done that, you now start to bring both balls back, one at a time, till you successfully place one in Scotland Yard, and the other in the centre of the plan which is supposed to be Bow St.

Remember in doing this puzzle, the balls must travel through all the routes not going through any of them twice. This puzzle can be done, but can you do it?

Patent applied for.

Doctor Hawley Harvey Crippen of 39 Hilldrop Crescent, London was hanged in 1910 for murdering his wife. He fled via Antwerp to Canada. He became the first person to be apprehended by the use of RADIO when he was arrested on arrival at Father Point in Quebec.

There is now some doubt as to whether he was in fact guilty
(Search the web to discover why).