This Jug is a "Wotsit".

"Wotsits" are puzzles because either nobody, or very few people, can correctly answer the question "What is it?"

Lots of puzzle collectors also collect Wotsits and there is one rule as to what qualifies as a Wotsit: If you know what the Wotsit is, then it must be a complete and self contained item (For example, it is not fair to ask the question about some obscure part of a machine). However if you do not know what the Wotsit is, then obviously the rule cannot apply so anything could be a wotsit.


We do not know what this Jug is:

It seems to be extremely old.
It is 8 inches (21 cm.) high.
It has a tin base firmly attached to it.
The earthenware jug is very skillfully potted. It has been made by coiling a tube of clay from the spout on the side down to the base, then out and up as a handle, then down inside the coil to the base where it is sealed onto the lower coil. Finally the upper part with the lip has been formed around the handle to complete the jug and pouring lip.
As a jug, it holds very little liquid as the internal tube takes up most of the space.

First thought is that it is the top of a Still; however the spiral coils the wrong way.
Other suggestions include a musical instrument or a megaphone.

If you know for certain, please tell us.