A Curious Folk Art Box

We know little about the origins of this very curious box.

It is very deeply carved, brightly painted, and full of well hidden secrets.



This text is at the bottom of the picture of the man hitting his boot or foot.

It seems to read as “DOZWOLONA ZEMSTA BIEDAKA S.E.”

In Polish this translates as "Vengeance of poor person is allowed".
"S.E." is probably the initials of the maker.

What is the significance?
Is there a proverb, legend, or tradition in Poland which will make sense of all the pictures and carvings? Can you help?


< This is the picture on the lid.

The closed box measures
14 x 10 x 3.75 inches
(36 x 25 x 9 cm).


This picture is inside the lid and the unknown script is on the bottom edge.
This carved picture is inside the base.
To find its puzzling secrets click your mouse in the correct place on this picture.