PUZZLE BOX attributed to Arthur Simpson

Arthur Simpson of Kendall (1857-1922) was an important if rather neglected figure in the Arts and Crafts movement. This box measures 16 inches (40 cm.) wide.

It unlocks in an ordinary way to reveal an interesting interior.

A box lifts out. This has no apparent opening but if pressed at the correct place the lid will spring open.

One of the links on the locks link-plate in the main lid is also a secret latch which unlocks the panel in the lid.

Pressing another concealed latch allows the side to slide up revealing a secret drawer on the right. The box on the left is still locked shut with no apparent latch.

Pressing on the right place on the panel at the left makes the lid spring open. Inside the compartment there are 2 bolts. When unbolted the panel will lift out.

All the ironwork of the interior is handmade.

The Lock is also handmade

Close inspection reveals another secret compartment behind the first drawer. This is locked by both the lift out panel and another secret iron latch.

This compartment is subdivided into seven curiously sized sections.
These measure 74 x 27 x 30 mm ( 2.9 x 1.1 x 1.2 inches). They do not appear the correct size for any coins, so we have no idea what was supposed to be hidden in them.

Do you know?

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