This puzzle is doubly interesting: - Historically with the theme of Votes for Women. The Women's Suffrage Bill was introduced in the UK parliament in March 1907 but ran out of time to become law. This puzzle was made shortly afterwards by F.H.Ayers in 1908

It is also interesting as a completely novel type of Dexterity puzzle. Using only the Suffragette in her orange and black dress. the pin, representing the "Votes for Women" Bill has to be moved from between the two policemen in front of the House of Parliament, through the front door, and placed upright on the Speaker's Table.

Concealed under both the "door" and "table" there are two magnets which render the feat very difficult. The puzzle is cunningly devised so that both Suffragette and Bill can be stored by sliding into the holes as in the photo below. As they go in, they slide past and remain held by the magnets. This ensures that the steel pin and suffragette also get magnetised in a manner that ensures the puzzle is not as easy to as one might expect.

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