Six Piece Burr Puzzle.

With three pairs of square rods intersecting a right angles to each other, this is the most common and simplest looking interlocking puzzle.

This page shows how the external appearance can be altered and enhanced while the puzzles remain the same.


All those shown on this page have the same most common and traditional internal dissection.

More technical explanation of the other 119,979 internal dissections of solid six piece burrs are at Solid and Holey Six Piece Burrs.

These 19th century burrs have the ends angled, chamfered, and cushioned.





The colourful ones below show some of the imaginative finishes given by Mr. Zandraa Tumen-Ulzii in Mongolia in 1991


On the left the 12 ends are carved and painted as a complete set of Mongolian Zodiac Animals.

Above is the national Turtle.

This Victorian ivory burr has pieces that have been pierced and ornamentally engine turned.
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