Blisters Dexterity Puzzle


Occasionally we are asked what kind of puzzles can be collected with a child's pocket money, or on a very limited budget. Small dexterity puzzles can be found everywhere but if you want consistency then Blister's dexterity puzzles are very suitable.

They are nice enough that they don't get thrown away; so not only can new ones can be found all over the place, but the old ones can be easily found, for a few pence, in junk shops and car boot-sales. They can be found dotted about the world promoting a remarkable diversity of things.

Blisters Ltd. is a packaging company based in South West England. In 1983 they patented having a blister on two layers of laminated card which gave the blind hole for the balls to drop into, without them dropping out of the pack. They also patented using the puzzles as Post Cards. The Post Cards were approved by Royal Mail and became a wonderful promotional item as well as an inexpensive gift-shop toy.
The largest number of one kind that they produced was 6.8 million mazes for Quaker Oats "Sugar Puffs" cereal. They also made and make similar non-puzzle promotional items such as Woolworth's Lottery selector card which is reputed to have won one lucky purchaser £166,000, and a "Grow your own Walking Stick" pack of seeds. However the puzzle Postcards are the easiest to find. Blisters have probably produced around 50 million over the years. They make great items for budding collectors, with low prices and great "swapping" potential. In 70 years time they will have become expensive and VERY difficult to collect.

Here is a list of some Blisters in our collection..

If you have some we don't let us know as we would love to have them,
and we have some swaps too. ;=)


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