Krazy Kar - You Autodoit.

This brilliant puzzle from 1918 looks like a rather unusual glass top dexterity; but ...

After much shaking and fiddling you find you cannot complete the picture, so you read the instructions on the puzzle:-

To make this Auto quite complete
Put Father on the driver's seat.
The lovers then should not embrace
And all the parts must be in place.

and then you read the sleeve and realise you need brains as well as dexterity:

There is much more to this puzzle than first meets the eye. The picture of the car is just under the glass and conceals most of what is below. During restoration we photographed the interior.

There are 4 complex cut-out pieces of stiff card each of which has a metal bearing allowing it to pivot very freely on a pin in the base board. Each of the card pieces has a cutout slot which retains a quarter inch ball bearing.

Tip it, turn it, shake it, spin it and something always ends up in the wrong place.

The solution is to place the puzzle on a flat surface and very lightly rotate it clockwise then everything gently moves into place.

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