Puzzle Padlock

This is a very remarkable Puzzle Padlock in the form of a fish.

If you are an expert perhaps you can tell us some more about it?

Purchased by our venerable curator nearly 30 years ago it came with a curious story which involved Hong Kong, Apple stealing, Floggings, Curses and the Cutty Sark.

The modern key was made by maestro locksmith W.Stanton. The key-label is quite unrelated, being a 1920s Chubb key label. It just seemed very suitable as it is another fish. The lock itself is reputed to have come from Hong Kong about 3 generations ago.



The Inscriptions are:-

This begs the question "Where are Numbers 1 and 2?"

What might these initials be?

The locking mechanics looks too new to be 1839, and too old to be 1939; so this is probably not a date. Perhaps a treasury bin number?



This was one of over 60 puzzles from the Hordern-Dalgety Collection used by Jerry Slocum to illustrate his first book on puzzles


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