Some Puzzling Drawings by John Leech

A City of Asia by John Leech

The example above "A City in Asia", is one of the easiest puzzles in a portfolio of over twenty original pen & ink puzzle drawings by John Leech made on a journey in Ireland.
We leave you to work out which city!

A Grand Finarley

Two puzzles on one page:

At top:-

"et pour un grand Finarley."
We have not been able to solve this one - Can you? (Please email us if you succeed).

At bottom:-

"A musical instrument" is easy
(see spoiler at bottom of page).

LEECH, John 1817 (London)-1864 (London)

The son of John Leech, proprietor of the London Coffee House and an amateur artist, he was educated at Charterhouse and trained to be a surgeon. He even worked as a doctor for a while but had turned professional artist by 1885. From this time he became one of the most prolific and successful illustrators. He was a keen huntsman and many of his most successful drawings and etchings are of the hunting field. Millais taught him to paint in oil, and he held an exhibition of his oil paintings in the Egyptian Hall, Piccadilly, in 1862. This proved such a success that he was inundated with orders for copies of his pictures. which he produced with the aid of a rubber stamp, and sold for a hundred guineas each.

Examples: B.M.; Brighton A.G.; Fitzwilliam; Leicestershire A.G.; Ulster Mus.

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(H.L.Mallalieu. History of British Watercolour Artists. 1986)

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(pie - anno - XL) = (Pi anno forty) = (Pianoforte )