When is a puzzle not a puzzle and vice-versa?

Toy Castle or Fort


We often find puzzles in life that were not intended as such. Our ancient senior curator remembers many hours spent trying to assemble this toy fort with his brothers and sister. It originally belonged to his father, so must have been made around 1900.


Animation of part of the building process.

All the pieces were fitted into the base and it was a tricky 3D interlocking puzzle to assemble it, which was enjoyed by all children.

Later they would be very content to leave our, then young, curator to pack it all away inside the base. This was actually a very difficult 3D packing puzzle.

The Castle is in remarkable condition for its age, especially as it has been subjected to terrible sieges and battles over the past 100 years. It measures 28 inches wide by 25 inches high (701 mm x 635 mm)


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