Devil's Halo Puzzle


U.K. Registered Design No. 967536/1974

Prior to 1970 all Tanglement puzzles that had required a flexble loop to be removed from an inflexible structure had used recursive solutions.

The Devil's Halo was a deliberate attempt by James Dalgety to invent a puzzle similar to the Chinese Rings but with a non-binary solution. It takes 40 moves to remove the cord.

Manufactured by Pentangle Puzzles, and given a London Design Centre Award in 1974. . This was the first puzzle of its type and has since inspired many hundreds of variants throughout the world.



Traffic Lights, Tangleweed, Devil's Halo After the Devil's Halo, Pentangle registered and manufactured several other complex Loop Tanglement Puzzles in the 1970s. These included the "Traffic Lights" and "Tangleweed" shown opposite.

Loop Tanglement Puzzles

Opposite is a jumble of just a few of the many hundreds of loop disentanglement puzzles that can trace their origins back to Pentangle's Devil's Halo