A remarkable box dating from about 1660 with four intriguing puzzle prints on the inside and outside of the top and bottom:

  • A tanglement of arms and legs - Each of the three heads might belong to any of the 3 pairs of legs - So how many boys are there?

    This surface is very worn and hard to read.

  • An archimboldesque portrait made up from chickens, a fish and other things.
    "Behold a wonder here in nature shown 
    An ould tuff hagg tender as chicken growne
    her cap adornd with plenty 
    her age from 7 times twenty"
  • "1 Corint: 3.19 The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God."

     "The Pope & Fool as twins agree
       View wel ye one & you'l ye other find."


  • An early mention of the Owl & the Pussy Cat hundreds of years before Edward Lear.
    "Ye night Rambling Ladies
    Here Lady Mage leads Madam Puss to dance
    not in our Mode but as ye doe in France."
    "The Lig being ended in a Trice
    They are Revelling mongst birds & Mice."

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