Visit Luppitt and solve the puzzles on the unique Millennium Monument

These photos show the bench being assembled. The main slab of stone weighs around three quarters of a ton.
The puzzles include a wordsearch concealing over 30 local placenames, a three way anamorphic illusion, a completely new idea based on the Tinner's Rabbits, an ancient maze from a French church, a modern Railway Maze (specially designed by Professor Sir Roger Penrose), a Word Anagram, a Letter misplacement puzzle, a traditional Word square puzzle, cryptarithms, hidden mice, and other curiosities and puzzles.
Luppitt is in East Devon. The name "Luppitt" comes from the ancient Saxon language of a thousand years ago "Lova Pit" meaning "lovely valley". The valley, on the southern end of the Blackdown Hills, is still very lovely and part of it is visible from the Puzzle Bench. The present village Church dates from 1300 and contains parts from the earlier building including an ancient carved stone Saxon font about 1000 years old. This famous font is carved with a maze-like forest, animals, an ambisphoena, and someone being nailed to death, (this practice is fortunately out of fashion at present).
Outside St. Mary's Church The bench is in a prominent position in the village Churchyard. A location chosen as probably the safest location for a monument that it is hoped will be practical and entertaining for most of the next millennium. Also most inhabitants of, and visitors to, the village visit the historic church.

It is made of fine grained granite, which is an exceptionally hard stone. It was unveiled on 31st December 2000 - Just in time for the true Millennium.

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