The Puzzle Museum
Employment and Volunteers

January 2014

We are not open to the public, and visitors come only by recommendation or invitation, so we do not need the usual museum "visitor guiding" volunteers. However we do need assistance with the collection. This might be on a volunteer basis (expenses paid) or initially as a part-time employee.

This year we are looking for people to help sorting & cataloguing books & ephemera, photographing & cataloguing puzzles, and generally assisting with whatever crops up. Some of the tasks involve working with computers (database, spreadsheet, graphics).

You will need your own transport as we are based in in the countryside between Honiton in Devon and Taunton in Somerset. Flexible hours. Initially for perhaps for one or two days per week. Accuracy and reliability essential. Training will be provided as required.

  • If you like puzzles, you would love it because of the access to so many.
  • You would gain experience that would help you in future employment.
  • By working here you could gain the information to write a thesis.
  • You could revamp the web site and use that as a reference.

There are a wide range of tasks that any museum might need that range from routine dusting of exhibits to the production of videos.

Current projects include:

  • Updating the principal Library catalogue.
  • Cataloguing & Photographing Ephemera.
  • Sorting, filing and listing historical manufacturers catalogues and UK & US Patents.
  • Dusting puzzle jugs
  • Transcribing manuscripts to computer.

Other more skilled projects include but are not limited to:

  • A range of books need producing. We have the text but need the artwork & layout completing by someone with art and DTP skills.
  • Conservation. Simple but time consuming projects. Some maybe suit an amateur modeler.
  • Web site development.
  • Production of videos about the museums collections.

Initially please apply by email telling us about yourself, your skills and your experience.

Sleepless nights solving Tangram puzzles. (Steel engraving c.1818)

An answer booklet. (c.1840)