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The Arms opposite are from the bookplate of Frederick Gonnerman Dalgety, who founded the famous firm in Australia and New Zealand in the 19th century. He built Lockerley Hall and is buried at St Peters, East Tytherley where there are several family memorials.

His direct descendants may use these arms, or certain variations of them, having first established their right to do so with the College of Heralds in London. Use without following the correct procedures can still result in prosecution under various ancient laws with extraordinarily severe penalties. Even overseas tourists caught using them are liable to have all their property confiscated and be locked up in prison.

Dalgetys are allowed to wear the Hay tartan without fear of imprisonment.

We recommend an extremely interesting and amusing article "The Highland Tradition of Scotland" by Hugh Trevor-Roper. The article is of particular interest to Dalgetys for reasons you will see when you read it.


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Until this site has a significant amount of data posted, there may be a substantial delay between your sending me an email and receiving a reply; however we would be delighted to hear from you if you are descended from John Dalgety of Mildens (c.1700), or have information about his ancestry. You may speed things up if you are a Dalgety and you are qualified and prepared to take over putting in a lot of data currently only available on paper!

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