Puzzle Classification all Subclasses 2017

DEX-UNCA Uncased Dexterities Cup & Ball, "Le Pendu", "Theo der Turnier", Tomy's "Crazy Maze", Puzzles using Tops
DEX-BALL Dexterity. Plain Balls into holes Pentangle "Roly-Poly" puzzles
DEX-OBST Dexterity with sundry obstacles &/or objects Ramps - bridges - jumping beans - etc.
DEX-LQOB Liquid objects Mercury manipulation
DEX-INLQ Dexterity in Liquid Water-filled puzzles
DEX-MIRR Indirect viewing by mirror Kohner's "Nervous Breakdown"
DEX-MECH Mechanised Tomy's "Pocketeers"
DEX-TOOL Using tools & magnetic tools Adam's 1940s "Fantom Puzzlers", Ayer's "Suffragette Puzzle"
DEX-RTFL Route following where the Dexterity greatly outweighs the routefinding. Superplexus.
DEX-PITF Follow a Path follow without falling into traps Farmer's "Silver Bullet" 1914
DEX-HIDD Objects concealed from view Four Generations "Ball in Block", Engel's "Black Box"
DEX-ELEC Electrical & Electronic Dexterities Nombrex's "Crosso" 1950s, Nintendo "Game & Watch - Vermin" 1980
DEX-PINB Pinball related dexterities Bagatelle
DEX-OTH Other Dexterities Pneumatic operation
RTF-CPLX Routefinding with Changing Path &/or Complex Traveller "Frying Pan"(changing), "Yankee"(complex), "Tandem Maze"(complex), "Bootlegger"(complex)
RTF-STEP Routefinding Step Mazes  Ring & Hole mazes, "Pike's Peak"
RTF-UNIC Unicursal Routefinding Icosian Game, Konigsburg Bridges
RTF-ANY Route Mazes (any path) Most Hedge mazes, Mazes on surface of a cube, Ball in 4x4x4 cube of cubelets
RTF-OTH Complex Route Mazes with special objectives "Worried Woodworm", Colour Mazes, Number totalling mazes, avoiding objects, visiting places en route
TNG-RIGI Tanglement of Rigid & Semi Rigid Parts Wire PUZZLES, Cast "ABC", Chinese Rings
TNG-R&F Tanglement of Rigid & Flexible Parts Hess Wire puzzles, Dalgety's "Devil's Halo"
TNG-FLEX All Flexible Parts Leather tanglement puzzles
TNG-RING Puzzle Finger Rings Puzzle Rings, Puzzle Bracelets
OPN-BOX Opening Containers Boxes, Purses
OPN-LOCK Opening Locks Padlocks
OPN-HIDD Opening/finding Hidden Compartments not originally designed as puzzles Chippendale Tea-Chests, Poison Rings.
OPN-OTH Opening other objects Nut & Bolt, Knives, Pens, Cutlery, Oskar's Keys, Oskar's "Dovetail", "Hazelgrove Box"
INT-BOX Boxes that disassemble Strijbos Aluminium Burr Box, Stickman's "Borg Box"
INT-CART Cartesian (Internal Parts along 3 mutually perpendicular axes) Burrs, Cutler's Burr in a glass, most plastic keychains, JWIP, "Nine of Swords"
INT-POLY Interlocking Polyhedral & other non-cartesian geometric shapes Coffin's "Saturn", Squashed burrs
INT-OTH Other Interlocking Shapes "Tak-it-Apart", "Plato's Plight"
JIG-STD Standard Jigsaws Can include double sided puzzles, & jigsaws with holes & gaps
JIG-IDEN Jigsaws with identical pieces "Shmuzzles", Ceramic hexagons, Picture Cubes & Blocks
JIG-SLOP Jigsaws with non perpendicular/sloping cuts "Broken Heart", Japanese "Sabre Tooth Tiger"
JIG-LAYR Multiple layer Jigsaws Transparent Escher jigsaw
JIG-OTH Other jigsaws Stave variable picture, "Toyznet", Bilhourd's incomplete surfaces
ASS-CART Assembly of Cartesian Parts Pentominoes, Checkerboards, Polycubes, Soma, "Hoffman" cube,  "Managon", "Even Steven", Squashed Soma, Laker Cube
ASS-STRA Straight Edge/Face Non-cartesian Tangram, T-puzzle, Triangular & Hexagonal polyominoes, 9-piece ivory cube
ASS-POLY Assembly Polyhedra & Spheres Ball Pyramids
ASS-OTH Assembly of other shapes Pack the Plums, Apple & Worms, "Phoney Baloney", Gears
PAT-EDGE Matching Edges &/or Corners  patterns  Heads & Tails, "Dodeca", Macmahon squares
PAT-STIX Patterns of sticks Match Puzzles, Jensen's "Tricky Laberint"
PAT-NUMB Arrangements of Number Patterns Magic Squares, Number Puzzles
PAT-SIMI Pattern arrangements of similar, points, pegs, or pieces according to predetermined rules Queens on Chess Board, Josephus, Waddington's "Black Box", "Instant Insanity", "Dodeca", Macmahon cubes, Bognar's "Planets"
PAT-DISS Arrangement of dissimilar pieces to make pattern according to predetermined rules "Testa", Skor Mor's "Instant Indecision", Chinese Balls in Ball, Waddington's "Kolor Kraze"
PAT-STAK Stacking, Overlapping & Weaving Patterns Stacking Transparent Layers, "Lapin", Loyd's Donkeys, Weaving puzzles
PAT-OTH Other Pattern puzzles Oskar's "Solar System"
FOL-SPRI Folding Springy wire and strips "Why Knots", Mobius Strips
FOL-HGOP Folding Hinged parts in Open chain Rubik's "Snake", Strung Cubes, Clinch Cube
FOL-HGCL Hinged Parts in Closed chain Flexagons, Rubik's "Magic", "Flexicube"
FOL-SHEE Folding sheets & strips  Map Folding, "Jail Nixon", strip polyhedra
FOL-OTH   Twiddle
SEQ-PLAC Sequential Placement "Psychic Puzzle", "Fit Puzzle"
SEQ-RIVR Sequential River Crossing "Wolf,Sheep & Cabbage"
SEQ-HOPP Sequential Hopping & Jumping. Solitaire, Tower of Hanoi, Counter & Peg moving puzzles
SEQ-SIMP Sequential Simple Sliding & Shunting (No group moves needed) 15s puzzle, Tit-Bit's "Teasers", "Inversions"
SEQ-GRP Sliding & Shunting with Mechanical or Rotating parts (some Group moves NEEDED) "Tower of Babel", "Missing Link", "Backspin", "Turntable Train", Tomy's "Great Gears", Raba's "Rotascope", "Rubik's" Cube, "Orbit"
SEQ-ROLL Sequential Rolling Rolling 8 Cubes
SEQ-OTH Sequential Miscellaneous Mechanical "The Brain", "Hexadecimal", "Spin Out"
JUG-STD Puzzle Vessels standard (built-in tubes to suck) -
JUG-CPLX Complex Vessels requiring special manipulation Gemma Patent 2006, Combination JUG-STD/JUG-BASE
JUG-BASE Vessels that pour from Base "Jolly Jugs",  Thrift Cups
JUG-NLID Lidless Vessels (fill from base) Cadogan Teapots, Chinese winepots
JUG-OTH Other vessels Royale's "Self-Pouring" Patent, Spoutless winepots (hydraulic seal)
OTH-ELEC Electrical & Electronic (non-dexterity) -
OTH-BAL Balancing (non-dexterity) "Columbus Egg"
OTH-MEAS Measuring & Weighing Puzzles Jugs & Liquids, 12 Golf Balls, Archimedes Gold
OTH-CUT Cutting Puzzles Cork for 3 Holes, Five Squares Puzzle
OTH-WORD Puzzles applied to objects, the puzzle more usually found printed on paper Rebus, Anagrams, Riddles, Crosswords, Etc. (on Plates, Jugs, Loo Paper, etc.)
OTH-MATH Mathematical Puzzles (excluding number pattern arrangements) -
OTH-LOGI Logic Puzzles Cartoon pictures to arrange in order
OTH-TRIK Trick or Catch Puzzles (solution needs subterfuge) "Infernal Bottle", Some magic tricks
OTH-MAGI Magic & Conjuring Puzzles Self-working magic tricks
OTH-MYST Objects whose function or material is a mystery Whatsits, Wotsits, Creteco spacers
OTH-VIRT Puzzles whose existence is only theoretically possible. Such as 4d puzzles, or those which can ONLY  be represented on a computer
OTH-SET Sets of Puzzles of Mixed Type Compendiums of mixed type puzzles
OTH-PEND PENDING CLASSIFICATION !! Puzzles awaiting classification
AMB-POBJ Paradoxical Objects (Objects that apparently cannot be made) Arrow through bottle, Impossible Dovetails, Oskar's "Escher Puzzle", Penrose triangles.
AMB-VANI Vanishing Images "Vanishing Leprechauns", Hoopers paradox
AMB-DIST Distortions Anamorphic pictures
AMB-ARCH Archimboldesque Objects Pictures and objects of one subject made up from unrelated images or objects.
AMB-HIDD Hidden Image Pictures (no manipulation required) Devinettes (obscure outlines), "Spot the Difference", Random Dot Stereograms
AMB-HMAN Hidden Image Pictures (Manipulation Required) "Naughty Butterflys", "Find the 5th Pig", Needing coloured overlays, Soot on unglazed part of ashtray
AMB-TURN Pictures that require turning to show different images. Landscape turned to make a portrait, Topsey Turveys, OHOs, Courtship/Matrimony, Monk/donkey vesta
AMB-ILLU Perception Illusions Optical Illusions, Weight Illusions
EPH-SHAD Shadow effects Hold to light cards producing movements by shadows, Shadowgraphs, Wiggle-Woggle Hold--to-Light cards
EPH-HTL Images revealed by Holding to Light  Protean Views, Hold to Light advertisements
EPH-MICR Images & words concealed by extreme smallness Micro printing
EPH-MOIR Effects produced by moire patterns -
EPH-HOLO Holograms Holograms of Puzzles solving themselves
EPH-ANAG Anaglyphs Requiring red & green glasses for either 3D or movement effects
EPH-STRP Strip Pictures (Different views from different angles) Framed strip prints showing 3 different views
EPH-OTH Other puzzle related ephemera Non-rebus heiroglyphics
XXX-DEL Deleted Record Database use: - Removed from collection,  sold or upgraded
XXX-XXX Lost records Database use: - Erroneously unallocated Acquisition number.


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