The Catalogue

For historical reasons there are two catalogues, an Acquisition Catalogue from 1970 when puzzles were photographed in batches and minimal information was recorded in ledgers. From 1979, when a computer became available, more information was recorded. The Main Catalogue, which is used for this site has been held on a Superbase database since 1991.

Since 1999, all newly acquired puzzles are being photographed individually. Earlier acquisitions are also being photographed; but this is a huge job and will take some time to complete.

It is from the Main Catalogue that the XML data is exported to the website. Editing and correction of the catalogue is ongoing. It includes many idiosyncratic abbreviations which need translating.

The Classification

"Other-Pending" as a class is being used to highlight some puzzles where there might be difficulties in classifying them. It is also used where the puzzle has not yet been solved by any of our busy staff, so they do not yet know what type of puzzle it is.

In 1999 The Hordern-Dalgety Classification underwent a major update. Any puzzles that were acquired prior to that date, in addition to their original class, were given a temporary place in the new classification consisting of the correct main class followed by "=OLD": all of these classes need individually updating.

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